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What is

Birth Control reminder of the future
Only $1.00 a Month! is the #1 Online Birth Control Pill reminder service. Signup takes 30 seconds. Login, enter you cell phone number and/or email address and you will receive a text message and/or an email message to remind you to take your PILL! You can also specify a time for both text message and emails to be sent. Take the worries about getting pregnant away and enjoy your sex life. Please pass the word around to your family/friends and anyone you know who is always forgetting the pill! 


To contine to receive your reminder messages, please pay by clicking one of the links below.  Read more about our change of service by clicking HERE.


1 Year Reminder Service: $12.00

If you have an iPhone, simply purchase our Dont Forget The Pill iPhone app! Your iPhone will remind you automatically and you won't have a need for emails and you won't use any of your text messages!And the best part about having our iPhone is it is only a $1.99 which includes free updates for life!
Check out our Dont Forget The Pill iPhone App here

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Is our personal information secure?

We encrypt your personal data.

Yes. Your information is secure and also encrypted. Here at, the protection of your personal data is very important to us.  Therefore we go above and beyond the norm to protect your data. Your cell phone number and password are encrypted to protect you even more. In the event that our system was under attack and somehow by passed our firewalls and found a way to our protected data, the perpetrator would end up with "garbage data". For example, if your cell phone number was 555-1212, your information would look like this: 54699Ue!@%#$R90$ to them.  Very useless to them, and you are protected!


The encryption method we use is proprietary so only we know how to decrypt it. We highly recommend that you create a password that has both letters and numbers to safeguard your login even more, not just on this site but any website. We want our service to assist all the busy women in the world and still keep their personal information private.


Please check out our Instant Manicure iPad App :
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